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For me, the word "ritual" carried the weight of having to be properly done, like it wasn't valid if it was personalized. (I don't think I realized I felt that way until I talked to Kimmothy about it.) Doing so with her guidance gave me freedom to decide for myself what ritual is to me, how it informs my own spiritual practice, and how to appreciate the simple beauty and magic of the entire process.
                    - Tracie Frank

My ritual was initiated to help me shift into a new phase of my life and work. The ritual was wonderfully tailored to both my situation and my personality and interests. I have returned to the imaging and practices we used as I continue to navigate change in my life. The time was comfortable - in duration, physical (outdoor) space, and in feeling at ease and welcome. I am definitely hoping to do this regularly: for me it is a deeper experience than traditional spiritual direction.
                    - Carmen Retzlaff

Kimmothy crafted a deeply personal ritual for my wife and I. By listening carefully to our wishes and intentions, they created a beautiful ceremony for us that felt so much like "us." It was a creative, meaningful, and impactful evening with our community that would not have been possible without their caring, reverence, and sense of humor leading our way!
                   - Sarah Provencal

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