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Services and pricing for ritual experiences listed below. Sliding scale prices are part of a practice of radical generosity. I will show up with generosity in my offering and I ask that individuals do the same. What is generous for a person with a six-figure salary and what is generous for a person living below the poverty line are very different. I hold a few pay-what-you-can spaces for individuals who cannot afford the sliding scale prices. Reach out on my connect page to inquire about pay-what-you-can openings.

Individual/Small Group Ritual Experience

Individual/Small Group Ritual Experience is available for five or fewer people who want to gather in space for a specific intention. Rituals could mark a significant moment or assist with your spiritual health during a transition. Includes 30 minute intake and 90 minute ritual session.

Pricing (sliding scale):

Individual - $150-$300

2 People - $200-400

3-5 People - $300-500


Guided Ritual Practice

Guided Ritual Practice is for individuals or small groups that want to connect in ritual space on a regular basis. This service is offered as a once a month, twice a month, every other week or weekly practice. Guided Ritual Practice can be useful as a way of tending to your spiritual health or moving through a major life event. Includes 30 minute intake before first ritual and 90 minute ritual session after that. For this pricing, a three month minimum is requested.

Pricing (monthly/sliding scale):

Once a month - $125-250

Twice a month - $200-400

Weekly - $350-700



Ritual as Worldbuilding and Basics of Ritual workshops are available for your group or event. Both workshops can be abbreviated or extended based on your needs and budget. Schedule a consultation for an individual quote based on your needs.

basics of ritual

Basics of Ritual Workshop is designed to offer a tools-based approach for rethinking your relationship to ritual. Our ancestors utilized ritual before there was religion, empires, cities or factions. We'll talk about how to work from a place of experimentation in the process of developing new markers for success, celebration, grief or whatever else. This is a very beginner class to get the ball rolling and start your creative gears turning. It is especially good for people or organizations that are looking for tools in their own process

ritual as worldbuilding

Ritual is the skeletal system that creates structure in our lives and communities. It marks time, highlights significant events and focuses our attention. In this workshop, we'll be discussing ritual as activism and the ways intentionality in ritual can be a part of a larger effort towards decolonization and anti-racist/oppressive/capitalist culture building. Ritual as Worldbuilding offers guidance for integrating ritual, culture and values.This class is best for groups or individuals who have some experience creating community spaces and are looking for ways to build culture intentionally with ritual as a tool. 

Pricing (based on budget and number of attendees):

Virtual - $250-1000

In person - $500-10,000*

*Any necessary travel or accommodations must be covered by client in addition to fee.


Community Rituals

Weddings, commitment ceremonies, naming or renaming rituals, funerals, parent blessings, farewell events. I am available for consultation and facilitation of ritual experiences for major events in your life or in the life of your community. I have years of experience producing major events and can build to suit your needs. 


Have an idea? Book a 15 minute consultation for an individual quote based on your needs. Any necessary travel or accommodations must be covered by client in addition to fee.

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