Ritual has always been a part of my life. As I deepened my practice of immersive/interactive performance, my love of ritual deepened and became the center of my artistic practice. My connection to and with ritual is deeply rooted in a desire to hold space for healing and transformation. I create rituals with and for my community. Some are developed and shared, others are meant to be experienced in your own home, some are created for a specific moment. Rituals are developed with an eye toward ancient narratives, the significance of shared culture and an effort to create work that aids in the decentralization of power in performance venues and the decolonization of community.

the rooted ritual is a specific effort to build community and resources for folx who are developing their own practice around ritual as part of a larger effort to decolonize their lives. This spaces invites participants to connect through facebook, instagram and patreon to find ritual resources, community connection and learning spaces.

Below are a few small rituals for reference. If you are interested in collaborating on a new ritual for your community or in hosting one of the rituals already in development, use the Connect page to send a message.

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