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Kimmothy Cole is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Austin, TX creating holistic performance events and visual art.

Kimmothy Cole is a multi-disciplinary storyteller focused on decentralizing power in performance and creating experiences that reinforce new narratives and subvert old systems. Cole is the Founding Artistic Director of TAPROOT, a performance collective operating in Austin and Charlotte. Cole is a graduate of Catawba College with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Their work is primarily centered in performance and has been featured at festivals, venues and events across the United States. Cole's visual and written work has been featured in digital press and physical publications as well as galleries and visual art events.

Cole is a member of the IMMEDIATE Fashion Collective. Believing that we should "consider everything an experiment," Cole incorporates a wide array of training styles, creative methods and bases of knowledge to create work that serves itself and its community at the expense of expectation and convention.

Cole was a featured performer at the debut underground cabaret with Natalie George Productions and at several of theThursday Noon Concert series performances. They're a teaching artist at various Austin-area non-profit organizations, facilitating the artistic and personal growth of youth. 

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